The uncomplicated app against loneliness and for direct communication with relatives or caregivers.


ELENA-App Granmother and nice

Older people are often lonely and helpless in face of new communication technologies.

The most ardent wish is to quickly establish contact with relatives or caregivers.

This is where the ELENA-App helps. With a simple tap of a finger, your relatives can speak and see the most important caregivers.
ELENA-App an Android tablet and video telephony make it possible.

The photo of the loved one or caregiver is simply tapped and the video call is started immediately.

Relatives or caregivers can reach grandma, mother, grandpa, father or customers on their tablet from any android smartphone.

The extended version of ELENA-App (ELENA-App Pro Plus) also offers an “automatic answer” function for authorized callers:

If the tablet is called but the call is not answered, ELENA-App can automatically answer the video call, provided the caller is authorized to do so.

You can look into the home of relatives or customers, possible special situations visually record and, if necessary, organise assistance.

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Reach 4, 6, or more caregivers quickly with a simple fingertap.  

ELENA-App Granmother and nice

The connection is established immediately. 

ELENA-App Granmother and nice