ELENA-App - for video calling with elderly

ELENA-App Granmother and nice

We are ProXimo-WSD and we have developed the ELENA-App because elderly people are often lonely.

ELENA-App allows the relatives of elderly or caregiver to virtually visit them without technical obstacles. They only have to be there.

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The dilemma with the fear of elderly of the new technology of video calls.

Although elderly are often lonely, they tend to be afraid of the use of the new communication options. They shy awayfrom  mobile phones/tablets and services such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Skype because they feel overwhelmed with both the handling of the device and the use of the software.

But you, as relatives or friends of elderly, simply cannot always be on site to visit them. For many relatives, this leads to stress and a permanent guilty conscience. And how nice it would be to simply be able to contact them more often via video telephony.

Why ELENA-App?

What can ELENA-App do?

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How much does cost ELENA-App? 30 Free Days and then 9,99€/m

How-To register?

Barrier-free video telephony for virtual visits by relatives with the help of the ELENA-App.

Relatives can virtually enter the room where the Android tablet of the mother, father, grandma or grandpa is located with a video call via their Android smartphone without the intervention of the elderly.

The video call is automatically accepted by the ELENA-App. Relatives/friends/caregivers appear on the screen of the tablet and can make themselves heard. ELENA-App makes it possible!

You can make an appointment in advance or simply call into the room. A conversation is directly started. Of course, this must not be possible for everyone. Every relative, friend or caregiver must be explicitly authorized in the app before.

ELENA-App Granmother and nice

Always activated tablet, elderly friendly screen with huge tiles and a high fault tolerance for the elderly when making their own video calls.

If the elder is fit enough and willing to start a video call himself, then this must then this extremely easy and unproblematic with ELENA-App.
A helpfull hand (relative or caregiver, e. a.) sets up the ELENA-App and creates a limited number of contacts with whom the elder want to talk frequently. Since elderly often see poorly and the motoric skills may be limited, the contacts on the tablet appear as huge image tiles with the photo of the person concerned. The tile is simply tapped, and the video call builds up.
In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, the ELENA-App jumps back to the contact screen after some time, so there is no stress with the device. This make ELENA-App very user freindly and ideal for unsercure users.

Permission for up to 10 contacts for auto-answer.
You can register up to 10 authorized persons for the Auto-Answering functionality, where the elder does not actively need to take the call. You can so make “a virtual visit”. On the top of that you can create a variety of contacts who are allowed to communicate with the elder via video telephony without Auto-Answering function.

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Just great. I can make video calls with mom, even if she can’t handle the tablet. I’m very happy with that. Thank you!
Karin B.

I can see my mother every day and speak with her, even though we can’t visit her in the nursing home because of Corona. We are grateful and very happy to have found ELENA-App!
Sabine W.

Finally, something that is easy to use.
Günter S.