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* After these 30 days, your account will be automatically downgraded to ELENA-App Free. Compare both versions.
If you want to continue using the Pro Plus version, you have to manually renew the subscription for a fee.

ELENA-App Pro Plus

9,99  / month with a 30-day free trial

Contacts unlimited
Foreground function Yes
Hide Setting (for save use) Yes
Name and phone via contact pictures Yes
Update Yes
Remote Support activated Yes
Telephone help for setup Yes
Auto answer Yes

The amount has to be paid monthly and the subscription is renewed automatically.
The subscription can be canceled monthly without notice.


Equipment for optimal communication with the ELENA-App

1. Android Smartphone (relatives)
e.g. Amazon*: approx. 179 € 

2. Android Tablet with telephone function (seniors / people in need of help)
e.g. Amazon*: approx. 250 €
+ Prepaid contract or regular phone contract, e.g. Telekom* or Aldi Talk*

3. Mount for mounting on the table
e.g. Amazon*: approx. 30 €

* no affiliate link; just a recommendation for illustration; there are many more alternatives available