1. Download the ELENA-App on Google Play on the ANDROID tablet to be used by the senior. This is the main device through which the registration takes place and the contact persons are created and authorized.

ELENA-App Google

2. After downloading, register in the ELENA-App on the tablet. You can read about how to do this in the instructions for use here.

3. From this point on, you can try the ELENA-App for 30 days for FREE.

4. Create the contacts on the tablet with their phone number and photo. The contact persons need an ANDROID smartphone or tablet to be able to communicate via the ELENA-App.

5. The Elena-App must now also be downloaded and installed on the contact person’s smartphone or tablet (see instrunctions).

6. From the last week before the end of the trial period, you will be notified on the main device (senior’s tablet) that the trial period is expiring.

7. You can make the purchase directly via the link on the main device or on your own computer via the link that you received in your email address or here.

Instructions ELENA-App

Please note

Registration can currently only be done on Android devices.

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