Greatly simplified communication based on proven
Messenger services.


ELENA-App Messanger Elderly
ELENA-App Messanger Elderly


is an Android app that uses video chat services such as Viber, WhatsApp, Signal, etc. Easy to manage for users. No great affinity for modern technology required (*).

The conversation partners are clearly shown with photos on the tablet. ELENA-App then allows you to start a video conversation by tapping one of these photos.

ELENA-App also works without WI-FI and only with the SIM with data volume. Quality of connections and costs may not be ideal.

(*): Signal and WhatsApp are the standard working applications. If you wish to use another service, contact us, we will offer you the integration of the system you have chosen.



  • A faultlessly running Android tablet (from Android 8)
    for example:
    1. Samsung SM-T515 LTE ca. 250€
    2. HUAWEI MediaPad M5 LTE ca. 450€
  • LTE and cell phone number (SIM-CARD) must be available on the tablet. ATTENTION: the tablet must be able to make phone calls. Only “data” SIM card is not suitable for ELENA.
  • WI-FI should be available and ready for use, as well as the necessary passwords
  • Portrait pictures (as .jpg or .png) for the contact settings
  • The selected service (WhatsApp) must be available both on the tablet with the ELENA-App and on the devices of the communication partners
  • Tablet-holder ca. 30 € by Amazon (or by us available too on request)